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Guinea Pig Hutch – Create A Home For Your Pet

Guinea Pig HutchThe most important ingredient in keeping your guinea pig happy is tour love. Next to that is a guinea pig hutch. How you show your love is entirely up to you. But learning a thing or two about their pet’s living space won’t harm owners.

A proper guinea pig enclosure will be the biggest thing you will have to buy for your beloved pet. It can be expensive. It has the biggest upfront cost out of all the things you need to raise your pet. But if your hutch is great then you and your pet will appreciate it in the years to come.

When it comes to guinea pig hutch, size matters a lot. The little critter is loves to run every which way. They’re very playful. A small place could be restrictive. It won’t be fun for you and your pet. It has to be big enough to have an exercise space and one for hiding.

A four feet by four feet guinea pig enclosure is ideal.  But for some homes that could be too big. Two feet by two feet is still okay but don’t go smaller than that. The important thing to remember is that a guinea pig needs room to exercise or else, it’ll become fat.

Another tip: a guinea pig hutch with a solid floor is better than one with a wired floor. Why? Because you don’t know what will fall from a wired bottom. Solid bottoms are easier to maintain and keep clean. Bottoms that slide in and out are very nifty for practical reasons.

The door to a guinea pig enclosure should be inspected. All too often people don’t bother and when they reach in to pet their pets, their hands can’t fit in the door. Or they can’t reach their guinea pig from that door position.

Once the guinea pig hutch has been chosen, decide on the bedding. There are many kinds of bedding used but timothy hay is unparalleled. It’s safe for your beloved pet and they enjoy it very much.

Once the bedding is chosen, it’s time to decorate the guinea pig enclosure! Give him places to hide and places to play. Rocks, balls, pipes, spinning wheels are fun for him and for you as you watch him with doing his antics. Let your imagination free and create a wonderful home for your pet, guinea pig!


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Guinea Pig Hutch

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